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To receive the best treatment, get the best range of Cholecalciferol Vitamin, Colecalciferol Vitamin, Cholecalciferol - 60000 IU Tablets, 500 Mg Cissus Quadrangularis Extract Capsules, Vitamins and Minerals Capsules, etc..

About Us

Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the major industries of our country. Often taken for granted, we forget that the health all living beings is directly linked to this industry. Seizing the opportunity of helping millions receive proper treatment for their health issues, we, RBD Healthcare, came into existence in the year 2017 as the manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical products of matchless quality. The pharmaceuticals we deal into include Cholecalciferol Vitamin, Colecalciferol VitaminCranberry 180 Mg Plus D-Mannose 300 Mg Tablets, Ginseng With Multivitamin and Minerals Capsules, Pre-Probiotics with Canberry Extract Sachet, 560 Mg Calcium Aspartate and many more. To be a reliable business partner, we ensure that all the requirements of our customers are fulfilled with utmost care, which is why; we always adhere by our ethical business practices. Besides, each business operation that we conduct is as per systematic order to eliminate any chances of errors.

Warehouse Management

Unlike any other industry, functioning of pharmaceutical warehouse is entirely different as it faces several challenges. Since, pharmaceutical industry is all about treating living beings. Therefore, warehouse management has to be highly regulated one. For this reason; we have set up a warehousing facility at our base that is outfitted with all the necessary resources required for storing and carrying out other warehousing operations like movement of goods within warehouse.

Right from the material procurement to the time finished goods enter the warehouse, we ensure that not even the slightest harm is caused to our Anti Diabetic, Undenature 20Mg Capsules, etc., as these are for the consumption of living beings and these products directly affect their health. Factors to which we pay attention include:

  • Safety
  • Cleanliness
  • Efficiency

When it comes to pharmaceutical industry, the demand never decreases. However, transportation gets complicated which increases the need for strong logistic management system. With time and hard work, we have achieved our goals of good logistic management. This also helps us in retrieving material on time and delivering finished pharmaceutical products on time. And, this ultimately helps us achieving maximum client satisfaction. Apart from this, management system involves fastest yet safest mode of transportation to ensure non-damage to our pharmaceutical products including Vitamins and Mineral Tablets, Probiotic + Isabgol Husk Sachet, etc., during transit.
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